What Classes Involve


Through drama children gain self-confidence, social skills and artistic development. At Mayo Performance Academy we focus on some key elements of drama to include:

  • Improvisation
  • Role Plays
  • Mime and Movement
  • Work with Props and Costumes
  • Script Work
  • Voice Projection and Performance Techniques.
  • Drama Games to encourage Confidence Bulding, Self Esteem, Concentration, Team Work and lots more!

 We encourage our students to explore the various elements of drama, while keeping classes educational and more importantly enjoyable and fun filled! 


Dancing is another great way for children to express themselves. At Mayo Performance Academy our dance classes are taught through the style of hip hop dance, modern dance and street dance. Other dance genres are explored from term to term also. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment.  


Our singing classes aim to discover and develop the students own personal style. Classes also aim to build students self confidence and give them the skills and tools required in order to perform. Students are given the oppertunity to perform solo pieces as well as group pieces. The material taught to the students ranges across all musical genres and there is a wide variety of material for the students to explore. 


Students are given the oppertunity to display their work at various stages throughout the year. We hold our class demonstartions and performances on stage at our venue, The Townhall, where the students display performances in Drama, Dance and Singing. 


We hold an "in - house" talent show once a year, where the students are given the oppertunity to perform a piece of their own choosing in either Drama, Dance or Singing. Students can perform solo or within a group. All students are encouraged and given a role. Our talent show is a great oppertunity for students to demonstrate their own material, cover material etc. It is a very popular day within the Academy and one that the students look forward to from the outset!

Another popular event at Mayo Performance Academy are our "Academy Awards" where each student is recognised for their participation, talent and achievement. 


Occassionally, we invite other teachers and groups to Mayo Performance Academy, to provide workshops to the students in different areas of the Arts. Such workshops include Theatrical Make Up Lessons, Costume Design, Set Creation, Prop Creation, Drumming Workshops and other musical instrument workshops and much much more!